Lenny (Olena) Lishchenko is in fact, not a boy. She is an illustrator, designer, chronic storytelller, knowledge junkie and TaeKwonDo enthusiast. 

Originally born in Kyiv, she lives in Toronto now.

Lenny likes (not including the obvious): TaeKwonDo, good books, noses, her cat Fat Tony, psychoanalyzing the hell out of strangers, writing, and the satisfaction of getting ink out from underneath her fingernails.

For comic work, Lenny is on Tapastic

Selected Clients:
Lenny Letter, Power Athletics Ltd, Alberta Venture, Rubicon Publishing, Inhabit Media, Shameless Magazine, Inhabit Education, The Wall Street Journal.

Awards & Recognition:
2019 Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award for Children's Books, Finalist 2019 Shining Willow Award, Finalist

"Colour Wars", 99 Sudbury, April 15- April 17, 2014
"Il Dolce Dieci", Sheridan Gallery, Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2014
"Il Dolce Dieci", The Holcim Gallery, Nov 16 - Nov 30, 2014
"Spin Cycle", Toronto International Bike Show, 2014

Email: lenny@lennylishchenko.com

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